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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tot School: Week 8 (15 Months) - Part 1

This was the first week of our new curriculum and it went very, very well! However, rather than one super LONG weekly post, I've decided to split it out into two. This one will be a brief overview of the week's plan and will show pictures of the shelves with our "free exploration" Tot Trays (click for more info on Tot Trays). The second post will be similar to our previous Teeny Tot School posts and will show MunCee having fun with her trays and being engaged in our more "structured play" activities. So here goes:

This Week's Activity Plan:
  • Practical Life: Pouring (water into a glass)
  • Sensorial: Color-of-the-Week focus ("Red")
  • Language: Letter-of-the-Week focus ("A")
  • Math: Number/Shape of the Week focus ("1"/"Circle")
  • Culture: Music Exploration (an instrument from our Music Box)
This Week's Tot Trays:
  • Foam Letters & Numbers
  • Shape Sorter Puzzle
  • Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank
  • Stacking Cups & Bottle/Straws
  • Magnetic Dolls
  • Hammering Block 

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  1. This is my first time visiting your blog. You have a beautiful environment set up for your kids! Keep up the great work!