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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby, Baby, Baby!!! How quickly we adjust!

It's been nine months since I gave birth and my former life as an employee seems far, far away! I've been eating, sleeping, thinking, dreaming BABY! It's amazing how one little person can take up absolutely all of your life... and what's more amazing is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this life of all baby.

Now, it has  definitely not been a "walk in the park". In the beginning, it was so frustrating trying to adjust, especially because I was not able to be stick to a schedule and could barely get household chores accomplished. With my background of spreadsheets and checklists and deadlines, I just couldn't understand why I was having so much trouble handling a baby and a household effectively (silly, silly me! LOL)... It wasn't until I stated to relax and accept that as long as the baby's needs were being met, everything else could wait, that I finally started enjoying and embracing my new role. And, ironically, things then stated falling into place...

So, with all of it's bumps and bruises, my new "job" so far has been exhausting, eye-opening, extremely fulfilling and a whole lot of fun! And it gets better every day... now that's a job worth having - A+++!!!!