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Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Official...

... I'm a Stay-At-Home-Mom! 

Though this is what I've always wanted and a decision we made years ago, as the time came to commit to it, I became overwhelmed with an overpowering sense of loss! 

I've spent the my entire career on Wall Street and have worked countless hours climbing the Corporate Ladder to obtain my version of success -- and LOVED every, (OK, almost every) minute of it! The hectic days and late nights have become so routine that I've accepted them as my norm. My co-workers are not just team members, they're my family! My office is not just an office, it's my second home - maybe my first since I actually spend more of my time there! This stressful, often chaotic, existence of nail-biting days as markets crashed; frantic calls and all-day meetings; skipped lunches and late-night sushi; yellow cabs, car service; and Friday evening Happy Hour Karaoke; IS my life. It is MY IDENTITY; MY BADGE OF HONOR! It's what I know, so well - and what I LOVE! I Am Wall Street! Wall Street Is Me! (just a wee bit dramatic but you get the point! LOL)

So it is with mild trepidation and cautious excitement, that I gingerly venture into my new role as full-time Mommy; I will trade stocks and bonds for bibs and booties; 5-Star dinners for mashes and purees; and year-end bonuses for an unlimited supply of sloppy wet kisses and toothless smiles! I don't expect to go back anytime soon but I won't rule it out completely as the pull of Wall Street is quite strong. But for now, my only driving force is this sleeping munchkin in my arms; my new Boss! And I know with all certainty that I am making the very best decision for MY family!!! 

And so the adventure begins! ;-)