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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby, Baby, Baby!!! How quickly we adjust!

It's been nine months since I gave birth and my former life as an employee seems far, far away! I've been eating, sleeping, thinking, dreaming BABY! It's amazing how one little person can take up absolutely all of your life... and what's more amazing is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this life of all baby.

Now, it has  definitely not been a "walk in the park". In the beginning, it was so frustrating trying to adjust, especially because I was not able to be stick to a schedule and could barely get household chores accomplished. With my background of spreadsheets and checklists and deadlines, I just couldn't understand why I was having so much trouble handling a baby and a household effectively (silly, silly me! LOL)... It wasn't until I stated to relax and accept that as long as the baby's needs were being met, everything else could wait, that I finally started enjoying and embracing my new role. And, ironically, things then stated falling into place...

So, with all of it's bumps and bruises, my new "job" so far has been exhausting, eye-opening, extremely fulfilling and a whole lot of fun! And it gets better every day... now that's a job worth having - A+++!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Official...

... I'm a Stay-At-Home-Mom! 

Though this is what I've always wanted and a decision we made years ago, as the time came to commit to it, I became overwhelmed with an overpowering sense of loss! 

I've spent the my entire career on Wall Street and have worked countless hours climbing the Corporate Ladder to obtain my version of success -- and LOVED every, (OK, almost every) minute of it! The hectic days and late nights have become so routine that I've accepted them as my norm. My co-workers are not just team members, they're my family! My office is not just an office, it's my second home - maybe my first since I actually spend more of my time there! This stressful, often chaotic, existence of nail-biting days as markets crashed; frantic calls and all-day meetings; skipped lunches and late-night sushi; yellow cabs, car service; and Friday evening Happy Hour Karaoke; IS my life. It is MY IDENTITY; MY BADGE OF HONOR! It's what I know, so well - and what I LOVE! I Am Wall Street! Wall Street Is Me! (just a wee bit dramatic but you get the point! LOL)

So it is with mild trepidation and cautious excitement, that I gingerly venture into my new role as full-time Mommy; I will trade stocks and bonds for bibs and booties; 5-Star dinners for mashes and purees; and year-end bonuses for an unlimited supply of sloppy wet kisses and toothless smiles! I don't expect to go back anytime soon but I won't rule it out completely as the pull of Wall Street is quite strong. But for now, my only driving force is this sleeping munchkin in my arms; my new Boss! And I know with all certainty that I am making the very best decision for MY family!!! 

And so the adventure begins! ;-)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trampoline for Babies?

So R thought it was cute to teach MunCee how to jump!  Yes; jumping to a child who was previously content to simply lie down and kick in the air; sit in your arms or stand on your lap. Now, instead of just standing, she not only wants to jump but expects to fly HIGH in the air with each bounce. And she wants to do this ALL DAY LONG!!!

Now, the jumping in itself, is not a problem; just as long as it is with Daddy.  Mommy, however, is finding it difficult to keep up with this new activity. My poor arms, though now quite buff, are rather sore.

So, to all you parents out there, I implore thee! Please tell me that this is just a phase that will very quickly pass; like today! If not, we're going to have to go out and find MunCee her very own teeny-weeny-baby-trampolinee. ;-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hair Trauma!!!

We were told by two different Ultrasound Techs that MunCee would have a lot of hair so we thought we knew what to expect. What we did not know, however, was that she would not want ANYONE to touch her hair! Even before it got to it's current state of very thick, super tight curls, she would have a fit if a comb/brush passed within inches of her head.

So what options do we have? We can shave it all off or she will just have to learn that "hair combing" is a natural part of a girl's life; and that little girls with her texture simple have to accept early on that "it ain't gonna be easy so you better suck it up" (that's right, tough love! ). OR we can comb it while she's sleeping and pray that she does not wake up.

I opted for the latter last week when I saw that she desperately needed to have her hair detangled. It took almost two hours to do the plaits so I've decide to make both our lives easier by doing this only once per week until she's old enough for cornrows. Yep, cornrows were a life savior for me because, as shameful as it is to admit, I was exactly like Syd when it came to my hair. According to Auntie D, this is my payback for all the crying, screaming and fighting she had to endure with me!

Life has a funny way of getting even with us and I have accepted that sometime in the future I will be forced to face this challenge head-on. But for now, I will try to, quietly and very gently, manage MunCee's hair while she is soundly asleep!!!!

Pictures of her first "do" are posted for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Road Trip - MD/NC Here We Come!

MunCee did very well on her first road trip, though not completely without incidence. Last weekend, we hopped on I-95 and drove down South to visit family in Maryland and North Carolina! On the way down we stopped three times and still made it in about 8 hours - MunCee behaved very well.

NC was fun! She got lots of attention from her Gigi, G-Daddy, Auntie Ni and cousins Lena and SweetRave! And she was happy to show them how strong her lungs are when she screamed for 45 minutes while the hubby and I went out and enjoyed some incredibly tasty Bojangles fries and Dairy Queen sundaes -- yummy, yum, yum!

We also went to visit some of R's buddies and took a tour of Cary and North Raleigh. I loved Cary and can actually see myself living there but I'll save that blog for later!

Then we packed up Lena, sadly said our goodbyes and headed back North. One stop for food before short visit to Maryland to see Great-Grandma, aunties and lots of cousins, including Yanni who's still twirling those toes (I predict Ballerina).

Two additional stops, one due to a minor meltdown (she needed a break from the carseat), and 10 hours later we're back home! Exhausted but safe and sound!

Not too bad for a 3-Month old!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

All Smiles!

MunCee smiles!!!

And not the gassy ones; it's the real deal! She knows her Mommy and Daddy!

OK, I know everyone says this about their kids but seriously, she is the cutest baby ever! I see some of your eyes rolling but be honest with yourselves now, as much as you want to deny it, even if just out of principle, you know you can't! Why? Because it's simply true!!! She is just too, too, toooooo cute for words!

Just wait until she looks at you with those big, bright eyes and she gives you one of her "melt-your-heart" smiles - you will be as smitten as we are!

Having a rough day? Check out her "All Smiles" album for a quick "pick-me-up" that's free of charge!

Disclaimer: I'm TheMommy so I am somewhat biased... it's allowed! ;-)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Introducing MunCee!

A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
-- Eda J. Le Shan

Birth Stats:
Nickname: MunCee (derived from Munchkin *wink*
DOB: March 12th at 12:50PM
Weight/Height: 6 lbs, 13 ozs and 20 inches tall
Other: Healthy, very alert and absolutely ADORABLE..... 

We have been truly blessed and are so very excited with the new addition to our family.

Everyday with MunCee has been nothing short of amazing, delightful and enlightening! We are having SO MUCH FUN that we think it's only fair that we share some her wonderful, and sometimes wacky,  adventures with all of you! Be sure to visit often to see new pictures and updates of what she's up too... she's quite a handful, so we're sure there will always be plenty to see!