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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Road Trip - MD/NC Here We Come!

MunCee did very well on her first road trip, though not completely without incidence. Last weekend, we hopped on I-95 and drove down South to visit family in Maryland and North Carolina! On the way down we stopped three times and still made it in about 8 hours - MunCee behaved very well.

NC was fun! She got lots of attention from her Gigi, G-Daddy, Auntie Ni and cousins Lena and SweetRave! And she was happy to show them how strong her lungs are when she screamed for 45 minutes while the hubby and I went out and enjoyed some incredibly tasty Bojangles fries and Dairy Queen sundaes -- yummy, yum, yum!

We also went to visit some of R's buddies and took a tour of Cary and North Raleigh. I loved Cary and can actually see myself living there but I'll save that blog for later!

Then we packed up Lena, sadly said our goodbyes and headed back North. One stop for food before short visit to Maryland to see Great-Grandma, aunties and lots of cousins, including Yanni who's still twirling those toes (I predict Ballerina).

Two additional stops, one due to a minor meltdown (she needed a break from the carseat), and 10 hours later we're back home! Exhausted but safe and sound!

Not too bad for a 3-Month old!!!