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SUMMER!!! ... we're having FUN in the Sun and cooling off at our Water Table!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We're on a schedule... finally!

We've been following this schedule for a few weeks now and it's going really well. We're both much more relaxed knowing what to expect during the day and I can actually get some housework done when she's napping so "yay"! I suspect we may have to change this soon since I've heard that toddlers usually move to one nap instead of two but we'll just follow her lead and see what happens. 

Here's a typical day for Mommy & the Munchkin! (special thanks to awesome, awesome site!!!!)

7:00 AM:           Mommy does her "Early Morning Routine"
8:00 AM:           MunCee wakes up, gets dressed, has Breakfast
9:00 AM:           Nature Walk (with our dogs)
10:00 AM:         Morning Nap
11:30 AM:         Snack
12:00 PM:         Tot School - Session 1
1:00 PM:           Lunch & Free Play
2:30 PM:           Afternoon Nap
4:30 PM:           Snack
5:00 PM:           Tot School - Session 2
6:00 PM:           Dinner & Free Play
7:30PM:            Bath Time
8:00 PM:           MunCee's BedTime
9:00 PM:           Mommy does her "Pre-BedTime Routine" and relaxes with Daddy! ;-)

Friday, March 12, 2010

MunCee's 1 Year Old...

... and I survived to tell the tale... awesome!!!! LOL

It's been such an amazing year with her. I can't believe how much she's grown and all the new things she's doing and saying ;-) Her favorites words are "dog" (and she just learned to say "Ari"; guess "Bela" will come later), "hot", "hi", "bye", "E", "box", "book" and of course Mam-Mam/Mum/Maaam and Dada/Dad. Surprisingly she is using all of these in the right context.

She finally has teeth! The first two to break through were the ones on top (odd right?) and now there's a little one peaking out at the bottom. They're so adorable but quite sharp so no more chewing on Mommy's nose/chin ;-) 

No official steps taken yet but she "power-crawls" and cruises everywhere! And climbs stairs (up and down all day long if you let her) and on EVERYTHING! She climbs on the table in her playroom, on couches, dining tables, boxes, books, pots - the child is OBSESSED with climbing so we have to watch her every move!

Breast-feeding still going strong! I'm sooooooo excited that we made the 1-year mark. YaYYY Us! ;-) I am starting to think about weaning but I'm not sure how quickly it will happen since MunCee is really not that interested in food. She'll eat whatever we're eating but definitely not enough to replace her milk, especially since she WILL NOT take any form of milk from a cup or bottle! Not happening!!! So we'll just take it slowly and see what happens. 

Wow, there are so many other things to note but I'll just say that I'm am constantly entertained by my cute, chatty, happy, playful munchkin! She is a wonderful blessing and we are MOST grateful to have her!

MunCee's Favorite Things:
  • Books - she loves, loves, LOVES books
  • Water - Bath Time is her favorite time of day!
  • Boxes of any kind
  • French Fries (I know, I know!) and Cheese
  • Chewing Faces and "Sophie Giraffe
  • Eating Paper
  • Being Outdoors